#14009 - Bell Equipment B25D Articulated Dump Truck
Production 1/87 Scale Model Shown

Bell Equipment B25D Articulated Dump Truck

The Bell Equipment B25D articulated off-road dump truck in 1/87 scale was part of a group of three related models from Classic Mint Collectibles' second brass construction model project that included the John Deere 250D and Hitachi AH250. The model featured all brass construction, factory painted, working articulation joint, opening hood with detailed engine, working dump bed, real rubber tires, and serial number. The model was licensed by Bell Equipment of South Africa.

Feature List - #14009

All Brass Construction
Factory Painted And Decorated
Working Articulation Joint
Opening Hood
Detailed Engine Compartment
Working Dump Bed
Rubber Tires

Original Retail Price - $379.00

Pre-production Model Shown

Last Updated: July 25, 2013